Wednesday, November 30, 2005

In Loving Memory of Jason Kahn

No, he's not deceased. He's just not in Milwaukee anymore, and I'm remembering the great music he made. From the looks of the photo, it appears he might not even have been in Milwaukee, but I promise that he was. The picture was taken by an annonymous attendee at the concert at Hotcakes Gallery. Were you there? It was glorius, it was recorded, and there's a small chance that others might be able to hear it for themselves someday. We'll see.

Milwaukee is truly lucky to have a place like Hotcakes Gallery in town. Mike Brenner (owner) really runs a selfless organization, causing me to simultaneously question his sanity, and praise him. Visit the gallery in person, or at least compute Hotcakes. There's some great exhibitions coming up, as well as a performance by Alessandro Bosetti. Do go.


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